7 Dating Resolutions for 2017

We are less than a month away from New Years’ Eve and 2017.  This is often a chance for us to reflect upon what we have learned and what we would like to create going forward.  Many people write out their resolutions but they may not focus in on one area.  If you really want to attract your soul mate in 2017 why not create a series of things you will do to make that relationship more likely to happen.  Here are 7 resolutions I came up with for you (as a psychologist and long-time dating coach) but feel free to amend any and to add ones that are specific to you.

  1. Take Action: Do not just sit home in your jammies waiting for your soulmate to ring your doorbell. Get out there and do the work.  Resolve to join two dating sites (one paid and one free one) and write ten dates a week.  Go to singles events and make a weekly plan of action to meet singles.
  2. Let Go of What Holds You Back: Our past relationship baggage and the limiting beliefs we have about the opposite sex, dating and relationships can hold us back. It is time to clean house.  Write a list of those limiting beliefs and challenge them.  For example, if your limiting belief is, ‘No men want to marry a woman over 35,’ then think of a woman you know who married at 36 +. Think of examples to challenge your old beliefs so that you know what you want is possible.  If a man cheated on you, don’t say, ‘All men are cheaters.’  Instead say, ‘I learned that I want a loyal honest man from that experience and there are men like that out there for me.’
  3. Have a Clear Vision: Create a vision board of the relationship that you DO want. Put up pictures that illustrate the life you want and create a list of the 5-7 essential qualities you want in your mate so that you are clear what you are seeking.
  4. Know Your Worth: Make a list of 20 things that make you a great catch and remember them instead of comparing yourself to women that you feel are more beautiful etcetera.  If you radiate confidence and self-love it will attract others to feel the same way about you.
  5. fireworks-heart-misc-iphone-ipad_729612Reach Out: Make efforts to widen your circles and go outside your comfort zone. Meet new people and let them know that you are looking to meet your soulmate.  Ask folks to set you up.  Go to parties and events, even if you don’t know anyone.  You may meet a great person that way.
  6. Have Great Self Care and Self-Love: Everything you create begins with you, your energy and attractor field.  So, if you give yourself love and good self-care you will feel happier and more relaxed.  You will have energy and love to spare after regularly refueling.  If you speak to yourself lovingly than others will see that you like yourself and you will be less critical of yourself and others when dating.
  7. Be Generous: The holidays are a time for giving.  The more you give love, the more it returns to you.  So, think of creative ways to expand your heart this season.  Perhaps you can volunteer at a nursing home or soup kitchen.  You will feel good about yourself and may even meet some like-minded volunteers.  You can also be generous with your gifts.  If you can sing or draw, volunteer to do so at a nursing home or somewhere it will benefit others.  When you’re doing what you love, you are most attractive and you never know who will walk by and notice.

I wish you a Happy Holiday and much love!